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Kristine (Cantz) Reynolds was raised in upstate New York in the small factory town of Glens Falls.  She attended public school and spread her college education over many years studying at Marlboro College and Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy before graduating from Skidmore College at the age of 45 in 2010.

This blog was born out of a need to organize thoughts, find the creative world within and stay on track during this “dry year.” Reynolds states, “ As a manager and owner in various companies, the writing skills that I have developed over the years have been used to communicate policies, procedures and cultivate client loyalty. It is highly satisfying to attempt to covey an idea all my own to a reader and not to be problem-solving, promoting or instructing.”

Kristine wishes to acknowledge the support of her husband Philip, her children Sam and Christopher and her dog Clover during this period of abstaining from alcohol. She is also eternally grateful for her readers who inspired her to keep going when, at moments, she felt the desire to give up this project.

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