Sobering Thoughts


Three months have passed since I started splitting my time between two jobs. In theory this looked like a really good idea, a win/win. I would get to stay and help my present employer during a time of transition while the new Executive Director got his bearings. I could simultaneously go in a new direction and work for the farm pursuing something that interests me greatly. Putting a plan into action does not always work out the way that we think it is going to…in fact, it never turns out exactly as planned.

A month or so into this dual employment scenario, I started to feel stressed..really stressed. Feeling pulled in two directions and rarely having a full day off from either job, I began to feel anxious and irritable. Not good. This is not how I saw the summer unfolding. This is a time of year when we pack up and vacate our house. I was looking forward to slowing down, not functioning in high gear. Getting ready to move out of our house to welcome our summer renters and working two jobs turns out to be a really bad idea. This new reality took me straight back to the drawing board with an important decision to be made. I knew that I had to choose one job over the other.

I am sure that you, my reader, are riveted and on the edge of your seat so I won’t keep you in suspense. After weighing all of the pros and cons, I went with the farm job, my heart job.


I have learned that even being totally sober, the path is never completely clear. There are some things that I will really miss at the old job–mostly the people and the BEER. Since our agency is led by a “pro-am” beer-maker, he occasionally hosts tastings for the staff after work and Lord, is that good beer! When my dry year is over, I hope to be welcomed back to the office so I can raise a glass with everyone. And mostly it is my great desire that the company will be able to reap what I have sowed in the two and half years of my employment and that my contributions have helped them to not only thrive, but to grow.

Cheers, friends!


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