Camp, Kombucha and Controversy


Happy Fourth of July! It’s “camp time.” Every year for Independence Day, our family has an extended holiday at my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bob’s camp about 40 minutes north of our home. My brother, sister-in law, nephew and a group of friends show up and our family descends upon the camp. It’s not a large place but we manage to have a great time without getting on each other’s nerves. The vast majority of our day is spent outside swimming, boating, skiing and tubing around the lake.

One of the best things about camp is the food and drinks. We cook out every night and eat amazing traditional American and Syrian cuisine (due to my uncle’s heritage). The refrigerator is filled with beer and alcoholic beverage options and one is hard pressed to find room for boring ol’ sparkling water or iced tea. Evenings are spent pouring cocktails, playing games and obsessing over puzzles (until our necks are so stiff we have to go to bed.)


This year, I brought a special treat to camp–my new-found love, Kombucha. Recently, Philip and I attended a music festival, Solid Sound at Mass MOCA and we discovered cold, freshly-brewed Kombucha on tap. The Vermont company, who produces the drink in small batches, served it over ice with fresh mint and lime. My God, it was good. Kombucha is the perfect drink after being in the sun all day at camp (or at the farm or a music festival.) The absence of sugar and the fizziness just hits the spot.


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