Party Pooper


Just got an email from a friend with whom I want to connect over the Holidays. She is alot  of fun and she likes to meet up for drinks (as do I). We really enjoy having a cocktail or two and brainstorming on our common interests. I have very few girlfriends that I connect with through Board and volunteer work and I enjoy having an outlet for these kinds of discussions.

When I reached out to her, my first reaction was that we should meet for coffee, not drinks. The assumption? It won’t be fun if I am not drinking. There is a couple of fears:

  1.  Alcohol enhances the experience of connecting with an other person.
  2. The person I am meeting will feel less comfortable having a drink if I am not drinking—and it will be less fun for her if I am not joining in.

A situation like this is going to be my first test in dispelling or confirming my assumptions about social interactions pertaining to the consumption of booze.

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